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Your book is ready to publish but you don’t know how to proceed and you’re concerned about losing ownership, control, and most of your royalties to some big publisher. I know how you feel, that’s why I’ve published my own books for years and those of many other authors facing the same issues since 2007.

My name is Bill Benitez and I own and operate Positive Imaging, LLC, an independent publishing house in Austin, Texas. After almost forty books and ebooks I’ve learned to handle all aspects of publishing books and distributing them worldwide. Many authors have trusted me with their books because I publish quality books while allowing them to maintain full ownership and full participation in all decisions. Plus, they keep all the profit (royalties).

You can check out some of the books I’ve published and testimonials at .

In 2016 I published several books and assisted others to publish. One of them was a book of poetry titled “Echoes From My Heart” by Jo Ann Jones of Tampa, Florida. In the Acknowledgment she said:

This year I also assisted a local publisher to create her book titled “Angel Cues”. This is a unique book and the author JHBaldus said in the Acknowledgments:

I sincerely appreciate these comments and strive to give every author I work with the one-on-one, personal attention these authors received. I would appreciate the opportunity to do the same for your book.

My company, Positive Imaging, LLC, maintains affordable prices for its publishing services. To help grow my publishing business I’m offering a basic publishing package of only $595.00 for complete publishing services from formatting through worldwide distribution in both print and ebook version. This includes ISBN, formatting, basic cover creation, up to three proofs, copyright registration, promotional web site or blog, fulfillment eStore, worldwide distribution, and initial promotion. I offer prompt, reliable, one-on-one, quality service at affordable prices. Please contact Bill Benitez for more information at the email or phone number below. Thanks.

Credit card payment and 6 months financing through Paypal

Got questions? Email me at or call me at 512.217.4803. My company, Positive Imaging, LLC, is an Austin, TX fee-based, independent publishing house committed to providing attentive, one-on-one personal service and quality publishing services at fair and affordable prices while facilitating author ownership, control of the book properties, and all profits by the author.

For complete information about Positive Imaging, LLC check out our website at: or google A. William Benitez or Positive Imaging, LLC.

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I offer my deepest gratitude to Bill Benitez of Positive Imaging, LLC. As a novice I had no knowledge about book publishing. Bill patiently guided me step by step from the original concept to the end. I received his counsel and expert advice and appreciated his insightful suggestions. Without Bill’s professional assistance this book would not have been published.

Once again the genius known as Bill Benitez has taken something I created and turned it into a book available to all. Heartfelt thanks and blessings, Sir!