Publishing Services Testimonials

Listed below are all the publishing services that are part of the basic publishing service.

  1. An ISBN registered with Bowker. ISBN is registered to Positive Imaging, LLC.
  2. Formatting and Layout for print and digital versions.
  3. Creating an attractive and salable cover for the book
  4. Up to three print proofs for review before publication.
  5. Uploads book files for distribution worldwide.
  6. Sends two books and complete copyright registration to the Library of Congress  in the name of the Author who retains all rights to the book.
  7. Creating a website or blog for the author and the book as a subdomain of the Positive Imaging web site. The web site will have several pages to serve as a press kit.
  8. Creating and managing a credit card sales fulfillment eStore for the book with a cover picture, book description and author bio.
  9. Print book available on Amazon and other online stores and can be ordered by bookstores. The digital version will be available on Kindle, Smashwords, iTunes, Nook, Kobo, Sony, Flipkart, etc. Publisher performs some initial, basic promotion. Additional marketing or promotion is the responsibility of the Author.
  10. All accounting for book sales from all distribution channels is managed and Author receives a monthly report and sales royalty payment by Paypal or check. Author’s sole responsibility is reporting income to the IRS.
  11. Author maintains all rights to the book and receives all royalties less the accounting fees.

Note: Price does not include editing nor specialized graphics for the cover. Those items if requested are at the Author’s expense.

Any of the services listed may be purchased separately.

Please contact me with any questions at or call 512-217-4803. Thanks.

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